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What is productivity?

The term refers to the division between the amount of work output and the cost input. Basically, for a field service business, it can refer to the number of jobs divided by the total cost that went into closing them. A high number of finished jobs with a low cost means that your business is profiting. Many companies struggle with achieving a high productivity rate mostly due to poor organizational tools. They still use paper-based schedules or spreadsheet strategies that rely on manual inputs. They lack a centralized system to manage the different aspects of their field service operations.

Why increasing productivity is key?

The digital revolution has affected the way we measure productivity in the field service business. This has taken the possibilities to a new height. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet of Things, field service businesses can be more cost-effective and reduce employee turnover. Moreover, they can take advantage of tech tools like job management software. This will allow them to schedule more jobs in the same amount of time.

How can you improve your business productivity?

This is why we’ve taken our experience in the field service industry and our extensive network of specialists and compiled it into free articles and other resources. We want to offer you comprehensive strategies on how to increase your work and operational productivity . Make the most out of your resources before investing in new acquisitions with field service industry-specific advice. 

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You’ll be able to find out more about the best practices of using field service management software and boost employee performance. Not to mention the most useful tools you can invest in and extensive advice on digital technologies. These will definitely take your company to the next level. Don’t forget about all the free resources we’ve prepared such as downloadable guides, infographics, and checklists, all designed specifically for field service businesses.

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