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When you have multiple things on your plate and your customers expect quick turnaround, keep it all under control with Commusoft appliance repair software.

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Reduce time scheduling and dispatching

Whether it’s a refrigerator, washer/dryer, or any other repair, your customers can book appointments straight into your technicians’ calendars. Don’t worry about manually figuring out which technician should do which job—our intelligent scheduling factors in technicians’ other job locations that day, shift availability, and skills to suggest the best appointment. All the relevant job information syncs to a detailed work order that your techs receive right on their mobile app.

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A user-friendly mobile experience

Technicians perform best when they can fully focus on their repair job, without wasting company time figuring out how to use their mobile app. We provide an intuitive interface that allows techs to build detailed estimates on site and get quotes approved immediately. They can even bill on-site using customized invoices, meaning you get paid for your hard work with no delays.

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Keep detailed records of appliances

Speed up responses to customer inquiries by storing up-to-date information about their appliances. With or without an internet connection, your techs know the property's asset locations and any relevant details regarding the appliance. You'll save calls between your appliance repair technicians and the office, and accessing asset history will better inform repair recommendations.

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Asset management on mobile for iOS and Android

Using Commusoft helps us give customers service they wouldn't expect from your everyday maintenance company.

- Trio Maintenance Ltd

Improve customer satisfaction

Provide world-class customer journeys by automating and personalizing customer communications, whether it’s a preventative maintenance job confirmation or an on-the-way message. Scale return business by allowing customers to book straight from a text or email reminder message. You can also create custom mobile forms, such as a repair job form or job report, for technicians to use on site.

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Never lose track of parts

Know exactly where your parts are at all times, whether they're in vans, stockrooms, warehouses, or anywhere else. Your technicians can request parts from wherever they are and also easily update the inventory database to reflect any parts they used on the job. Using appliance repair software helps you boost efficiency with inventory management, simplifying the process of ordering, giving out, and returning parts.

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Key Benefits

  • Keep all your moving parts under control
  • Improve response time to customers
  • Store appliance information in accessible database


Key Benefits

  • Automate time-consuming processes
  • Send one invoice for multiple jobs
  • Work with customers with multiple properties

10hrs saved managing schedules

35% improvement in customer feedback

15% reduction in total travel costs

20% reduction in no-access jobs

10% improvement in first-time fix rate

Appliance Repair Software FAQs

How does appliance repair software help my business?
Appliance repair software reduces the administrative burden and gives you more opportunities to connect with and please your customers. Automating time-consuming tasks and increasing your profit potential are just a few ways you’ll benefit from appliance repair software. Talk to one of our experts today to learn specifically how Commusoft can help your business.
Do you integrate with Quickbooks?
Yes! Be sure to check out our other integrations, too.
Can appliance repair software help my business become more profitable?
We give you a structured system so you can price all your jobs for profit. When you give a price that’s informed by the cost of parts, technicians’ labor rates, and your overhead costs, you can come up with a fair price that will also boost your bottom line. The system automatically calculates how much profit you are expected to earn, so you know the ROI of a job as soon as it’s created.

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