Communication integrations

Communicate more easily by integrating Commusoft with popular communication tools, including email providers Outlook, plus email services such as MailChimp.

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Email communication integrations feature in commusoft job management software

Send marketing emails to your customer database and access Commusoft from directly within your email client.

Enhance communication with your customers by integrating email software directly into Commusoft

Respond faster

Our Outlook integration lets you access a customer's work history straight from your email client. Get an email asking for an update? Respond in just moments with up-to-date job information.

Design awesome emails

MailChimp allows you to build dynamic email templates and send them to your Commusoft customer database. More effective emails can mean more bookings!

Improve communication

These communication integrations give you the tools to communicate better with your customers. This is key to building a good relationship with customers and gaining repeat business.

MailChimp integration logo


By integrating Commusoft and MailChimp, you can build and send personalized marketing emails to your customer database. It’s easy to export your customer list into MailChimp and begin sending professional emails. You will need to subscribe to both Commusoft and MailChimp in order to use this integration.

Outlook integration in Commusoft


By integrating Commusoft into Outlook, you can access customer and job information directly from within Outlook when a customer emails you. This allows you to quickly check relevant details such as address, ongoing jobs and estimates, work history, and any outstanding debt, allowing you to reply with accurate information, boosting productivity and giving you the resources to improve your customer service.

You will need both a Commusoft account and to use Outlook for your email in order to use them together. Simply install the Commusoft add-in and they will integrate together seamlessly.

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