Ep. 12 | Understanding Service Level Agreements

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Oftentimes, property maintenance companies think that if the work gets done then the customer will be happy, but these days, with all the competitors out there, the customer has a lot more options, not to mention higher expectations. This is why service level agreements are a mainstay in the field service industry, and especially when working B2B. 

So, if you struggle to meet your SLAs or you’re finding that you can’t win contracts anymore because you lack SLA history, keep on reading this guide to monitoring property maintenance service level agreements! 

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As Commusoft's US Marketing Executive, Cristina is the main brain behind the content we publish on our blog, always keeping an eye out for how to help service professionals create world class customer journeys. Cristina brings together the most up-to-date marketing knowledge with countless anecdotes overheard from Commusoft clients to offer you the business insights you need to grow your business.


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