Ep. 2 | The Field Service Industry Customer Journey

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What does the ideal customer journey look like for a field service business? Join Cristina in exploring the digital side of your customers' journey.

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It’s tempting for business owners and managers to think that having the cheapest prices will get you customers but that’s often a recipe for disaster. This is why we’ve looked at the customer journey and divided it into a couple of touchpoints, like recording contact details, loyalizing customers, setting up recurring income streams, etc. These can then be assessed and improved without it seeming like an insurmountable task anymore.

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Cristina Maria

Cristina Maria

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As Commusoft's US Marketing Executive, Cristina is the main brain behind the content we publish on our blog, always keeping an eye out for how to help service professionals create world class customer journeys. Cristina brings together the most up-to-date marketing knowledge with countless anecdotes overheard from Commusoft clients to offer you the business insights you need to grow your business.

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