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Learn all about Commusoft’s new van tracking feature

Real-time vehicle tracking enables true oversight of your vans. See where everyone is in real-time and get access to crucial information like whether a technician is on the move and how they are driving.


  • What is Real-Time Vehicle Tracking?
  • What vehicle trackers do we use?


  • Map view for scheduling
  • Driving reporting tools
  • Technician profile portal for customers

Attendee questions:

Q: How do you assign a tracker to a user? or van?

You assign the trackers to a user, not a van. However, in most cases technicians will stick to the same van. The setting is under Quick links in the user settings.

Q: Why not use GPS from the technician’s phone?

Actual GPS trackers can provide us with a lot more data, such as driver cornering, acceleration, braking, and speeding. It also gives us more accurate location data. They can also be hard-wired to the vehicle preventing them from being removed.

Tracking through a phone can be problematic as they run out of battery fairly quickly if they are sending data constantly. As well as this they can be turned off by the technicians if they don’t want to be tracked.



Q: Can the technicians remove the trackers easily if they wanted to?

If you purchase the wired trackers, then these will be hard-wired to the vehicle which wouldn’t be easy to remove. The self-install version is simply plugged into the ODB II port, so it can be easily removed.

Q: Our vans used to have trackers fitted, we still have the trackers in the vans but not connected to the vendor, can we just add your SIM?

Commusoft will only work with a specific make and model of tracker. If it so happens that you already use this specific make and model of tracker then you can simply put a new SIM in it and connect it to Commusoft. Get in touch with us at (872) 212-3118 to find out more.

If you’d like to start using Real-Time Vehicle Tracking, please contact Garrett at:

(872) 212-3118 | garrett.mulchrone@commusoft.com


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