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Let’s Talk: Hiring and Retaining Women & Young People in Trades w/ Shannon Tymosko

“Hiring women and giving young people a chance takes effort, I know. It’s expensive and, as with any investment, there’s a risk that it won’t pay off. But, my goodness, when it does – and it almost always does – you’ll see your business become more productive, more appreciated in the community, and, simply, happier.”

That’s only one highlight of the many great things Shannon Tymosko, our latest guest, had to say about hiring in trades. Make sure to watch the full video!

Ep. 9 | Increase Your Remote Team’s Productivity

So what are a few tips to better manage your field service team, particularly now that more businesses are working remotely?

  1. Share and stay in touch with your colleagues.
  2. Get connected (visually)!
  3. Make use of online portals.
  4. Use cloud based job management software.

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Ep. 3 | 4 Tools to Help You Manage a Remote Service Team

Like many of us, you may be working from home right now, though you may also have members of staff carrying out essential work in the field. In this situation, communication is likely a concern that can’t be alleviated by simply picking up the phone, while scheduling takes on a whole new layer of difficulty as you continue trying to coordinating on-field employees.

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Ep. 13 | Women in Trades​ with Hattie Hasan of Stopcocks

Welcome to another episode of Success in the Field where we explore the world of field service and highlight best practices for achieving success. In this edition we are speaking to Hattie Hasan, a trailblazer in her own right, and who’s been championing women in trades for years.

She founded Stopcocks a female-led plumbing company and is launching the first ever U.K. register of women plumbers, heating engineers, electricians, painters and decorators and other tradeswomen.

In the discussion we’ll cover:

  • What challenges are there for women in field services?
  • Taking a stand against the challenges
  • Solving problems: using technology to build communities
  • The Register of Tradeswomen

Ep. 10 | Handling Pressure & Promoting Employee Wellbeing

How can field services companies cope better under pressure and promote wellbeing in the workplace? Join Jason Morjaria from Commusoft for our very first panel discussion featuring expert advice from Andy Coughlin and Catherine Marshall of Elemental Wellbeing. As we approach winter during the pandemic, we see more and more challenges stacking up for field service businesses.

To give you a hand, in this episode we cover:

– Understanding pressure and how it affects us in the workplace

– How to equip staff to work in high pressure environments

– What businesses need to understand about mental health

– The consequences of not addressing employee wellbeing

– What a successful mental health intervention looks like

Elemental Wellbeing wants to help you recognise the signs that you are getting stressed, so you can implement your resilience strategies most effectively. Download a free copy of their Stress Signature template and get in touch with them to learn more about how it can help you and your team

And exclusively for Commusoft clients: Would you like to learn new management techniques and help your team perform better under pressure? Register now to access this training series filled with practical strategies and how to apply them in everyday situations!