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Let’s Talk: Everything You Need To Know About Flat Rate Pricing

“When positioned correctly and when you show options, 80% of your customers will spend more and choose an option higher than the bottom price. That puts more money in the business but it also provides an opportunity for the technician to do a great job.”

That’s only one highlight of the many great things Danielle Putnam, our latest guest, had to say about flat rate pricing. Make sure to watch the full video!

Learn more about Danielle here: https://thenewflatrate.com/

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Let’s Talk: Setting Revenue & Profit Goals for your HVAC Business in 2021

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least but if there’s one thing I think we can all agree on is that now is the time to let go and focus on what’s to come. And what better way to change the record and look towards a great 2021 than by setting off to be more profitable than ever?

If you want to grow your revenue in 2021 this is what you should look at: who your customers are, who your customers could be, and how accurate your financial statements are.  That’s only a highlight of the many great things Ruth King, HVAC expert, has to say about field service business profits.

You can contact Ruth here: https://ruthkinghvac.com/contact-ruth/

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Let’s Talk: How to Prioritize Profit in 2021 w/ Wayne Herring of Business Builder Camp

Without a doubt, the challenges you’ve faced in 2020 are what’s going to make you a better leader in 2021 and beyond. 

To get your started on the right foot, however, we’ve sat down with management expert, Wayne Herring, the mastermind behind Business Building Camp, and put together these 10 top tips covering the three main business drivers everyone should keep an eye out for in 2021:

  • customer experience
  • driving profit
  • employee performance & wellbeing

To download the resources mentioned in the video, head over to: https://businessbuildercamp.com/.

Ep. 10 | How to Earn More Revenue from Re-booking Customers

You might be tempted to think that’s unlikely, especially considering how many options people have these days. But, at least according to Forbes, customers are a lot more loyal than you’d think, with Millennials being the most steadfast of them all.

To learn more about how much you could be earning from service reminders, check our free calculator here.

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Ep. 7 | How to Earn More Reliable Recurring Income

Reliable recurring income is every business owner’s dream, money that earns itself. However, it’s easier said than done. The reason why many tradespeople often go from feast to famine when it comes to the number of jobs they have to do is because they treat the matter as a business staple.

Offering regular service work – or maintenance – is the perfect source of reliable income for tradesmen of every shape and size. Any appliance you install can benefit from regular service to ensure that it runs properly, doesn’t use up more power than it should, and lasts for a long time. These are all advantages you can present to a customer in order to upsell them on a future service.

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Ep. 6 | How to Price for Profit, Not for Survival

One of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do as a business owner is to set the right price for your services. You naturally believe in the quality of your work so part of you agrees that it deserves a fair price. At the same time, there’s that little voice whispering “No one will ever hire you for that money! Just look how much less competitor X is charging!”.

To this we say: If competitor X is charging a ridiculously low price, they’re either skimping on quality or making a loss and neither of those options should appeal to you.

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Ep. 14 | How to Get Your Quotes Approved and Close More Deals

It’s all about the art of creating quotes your customers will love and closing more deals.

Together We Count helps field service businesses gain control over the financials and learn how to harness the power of quoting in order to sell more.

In our discussion we cover:

  • Why contractors struggle with closing deals and selling bigger projects
  • How can a business use good-better-best pricing to help customers feel in control and more open to buying
  • Where the trades industry is going when it comes to attitudes towards selling

Ep. 12 | How to Harness Lead Generation​ for Your Field Service Business

Have you ever considered how important lead generation is to your field service business?

Join Jason Morjaria from Commusoft for a chat with lead gen expert, Francis Rodino from Lead Hero. He shares how lead generation within field service is shaping up in today’s market and how they’ve managed to help other business owners boost their customer base.

In our discussion we cover: – Common problems field service companies have with generating leads and their sales process

  • How can a manager harness the power of lead generation and what
  • Products will help them get more customers
  • Where the future of lead generation is heading with automation and shifting online habits in how tradespeople find customers

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Ep. 11 | Customer Finance & the Field Service Industry with Vendigo

Have you ever considered how important offering finance is for home improvements?

Join Jason Morjaria from Commusoft for another chat with financing expert, Aidan McMahon from Vendigo. He shares how finance within field service is shaping up in today’s market and how they partner with companies who are starting to warm up to offering financing to homeowners.

Aidan shows how Vendigo’s point of sale finance platform can help customers, particularly in the home improvement sector, to secure the finance they need to pay for essential products and services. You won’t want to miss out on the discussion!

Ep. 7 | How to Build Trust and Win Jobs

How can field service businesses leverage trust to win more jobs?

Trust isn’t created overnight – join Jason and Jack as they share their thoughts on building trust in episode 7 of Success in the Field. They’ll cover:

  • Types of customer trust
  • How to build trust with new customers
  • How to generate loyalty with existing customers

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